When People are Doing the 'Groundwork' on Construction Projects, We are the People Who are Actually Working with the Ground

When a major construction project begins, Groundwork Drilling Inc. is usually the first team of workers to appear on the site. We bring in our heavy duty drilling and coring equipment to collect carefully chosen soil samples. Under contact to engineering firms, our role is to drill for those soil samples and deliver them to the projectís engineering experts.

Officially, Groundwork Drilling Inc. has been doing this type of work since 1996. However, our family roots in the soil and excavation business go much deeper. Our heritage in the geotechnical drilling business extends back to 1956 when the company was known as Dominion Soil Investigation. Over the years, the company has functioned exclusively as a contractor to construction and engineering firms. In doing this, we've established solid relationships with these clients and we are brought in routinely on all their projects.

At the current time, Groundwork Drilling employs ten people plus a small management team. Most of our staff are field personnel, including several skilled drill operators. We are a small, efficient organization dedicated the process of soil sampling.

Throughout Southern Ontario, we can point with pride to many significant buildings and infrastructure installations where we've applied our services. Among the most challenging was Torontoís Sheppard subway line where water level and ground surface movement monitoring were vital factors. We are also much needed in highway construction. We were very much involved in the Highway 410 extension and the Highway 427 and Q.E.W. interchange.