We're Versatile Enough to Handle Both the Rugged Demands of Geotechnical Drilling and the Sensitive Issues of Environmental Drilling

Though we own equipment that would enable us to undertake other drilling tasks, our services are limited exclusively to assisting our engineering associates by providing them will soil samples that allow them to make crucial decisions. We are one of the few drilling services in Southern Ontario with the specialized equipment and the expertise to handle the two different types of drilling operations that are commonly required by our clients. We're equally adept at both. Read about our capabilities in both Geotechnical and Environmental drilling.

Environmental Drilling & Sampling

Where Operational Sensitivity and Legislative Compliance are Paramount

Many of the drilling and coring techniques and specialized soil and ground water monitoring installations involved in Geotechnical Drilling also apply to Environmental Drilling and Sampling. But the process is much more precise. The drilling must be done in a 'cleaner' way to ensure that potentially toxic soil/water contaminants aren't released into the environment.

Environmental Drilling and Sampling also calls for much closer collaboration with our engineering clients and soil testing labs. Before any construction can commence in areas where soil contamination is possible, soil must be examined by experts to detect the presence of hydrocarbons, petrochemicals and numerous other possible VOC's (volatile organic chemicals). As environmental drillers, it's our task to obtain scientifically selected soil samples, where they are labelled and sent to testing labs.

For Environmental Drilling and Sampling, a hollow stem auger is necessary. This type of auger is used regardless of soil conditions. It allows the soil samples to be brought up inside the auger without risk of cross-contamination. For collecting environmental soil samples, the split spoon is the standard device used. It extracts a very representative, 1.5 x 2' soil sample.

The other critical differentiation in Environmental Drilling and Sampling is our own consciousness of environmental concerns and an understanding of the nature of possible soil contaminants. We also have to be well aware of and in strict compliance with environmental legislation and standards in every region we work in. The very nature of this type of work makes us a very environmentally conscious organization.

As with Geotechnical Drilling, our ultimate service in Environmental Drilling is communication and close collaboration with our engineering clients.

Geotechnical Drilling & Sampling

Where Hard Work and Specialized Skills Matter

Geotechnical Drilling could be considered a more 'fundamental' type of drilling and soil sampling operation. It generally involves larger excavation projects that aren't complicated by environmental issues. But not anyone with drilling equipment can handle such a task. It takes thoroughness, special equipment and, most importantly, extensive prior experience in such drilling and monitoring equipment installation. Our engineering clients have complete confidence in our ability to handle all Geotechnical Drilling functions.

In Geotechnical Drilling, a solid stem augers are often used. Because environmental disruption is not a factor, this type of auger can go in and out of the drilling hole repeatedly. Here, split spoons or Shelby tubes are used to collect the required soil samples.

Many other essential applications and installations can complicate Geotechnical Drilling operations. In many cases, specialized soil-monitoring instruments must be properly installed. For monitoring ground water, plastic standpipe can be installed. Other tasks, such as vane testing may be called for. Soil sampling factors such as slope stability can impact building foundation design and even the ultimate safety of the construction project.

Overall, the most important service we offer in Geotechnical Drilling is our ability to communicate with our engineering clients and respond to their specific needs on all types of projects and in all types of soil conditions.